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Sean Mannion

About our CEO

Sean Mannion has been running rivers and leading the industry in whitewater for over 30 years.

Who we are

The CRC (Canadian River Council) is all about self regulation and peer review. Who better to oversee the adventure industry but the dedicated men and women who live it daily. The sister organization is the CAC, the Canadian Adventure Council.

Industry Leaders

From the beginning, the CRC has been fortunate to have the services of Sean Mannion, an adventure professional since 1976. Sean has been an industry owner and is bilingual. He also provides independent, unannounced inspections for participating member companies. Sean’s latest claim to fame was a deliberate backwards Cat run of right side Lava Fall to have enough power to punch the big hole bottom right. Lava is unnerving enough seeing where you are going. Sean relied on directions from a passenger. It was a perfect run and a credit to a real “pro”.

Our Members

  • Jet Boating Montreal
  • Wilderness Tours
  • Ottawa City Rafting
  • Endless Adventures
  • Ottawa Kayak School